Experts Supporting COSatellite Solution Projects, and, Passionate to Help Others

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    Terrence Kamoto

    Director and Head Business Development, Africa


    Terrence is senior economist, having vast research experience of dealing with large amounts of data that covers any aspect of economic and social policy.


    Terrence has held various positions at various government ministries and his understanding on how to introduce new opportunities that make economic sense into these government ministries.


    In addition to working closely with government ministries, Terrence will work to identify private sector opportunities that can leverage the immediately available 'online' capabilities that the CurrikiStudio platform offers.


    Terrence resides in Harare, Zimbabwe, and can be reached via e-mail

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    Admire Mukandabvute

    Head of Learning Content, Zimbabwe


    Admire has over 15 years of experience in mentoring ''O'' and ''A'' level ZIMSEC and Cambridge candidates. His main area of specialization is Mathematics, but he also has passion for pure sciences, especially Advanced Level Physics.


    Admire has a passion to deliver quality education and was part of 2 colleges that were established in 2011 and 2015. In 2019, in the face of Covid 19 pandemic, Admire founded Zim Online Academy.


    In his role, Admire will utilize the power of CurrikiStudio to bring the capability of 'create once, publish anywhere' capabilities to Zimbabwe organizations and educational systems.


    Admire resides in Harare, Zimbabwe, can be reached via e-mail

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    Farai Rusike

    Head of Network and Connectivity, Africa



    Farai has over 10 years experience in supporting organizations, private and government, with their various ICT requirements.


    Under Farai's leadership, customer service and help desks, that include e-mail, live chat, and telephone, including integration with some of the top trouble ticketing systems, have be implemented to support an organization's support needs.


    Additionally, Farai has experience in supporting enterprise infrastructure, and this includes firewalls, user desktops, and servers at data centers, and is proficient in various types of OS's, including Microsoft, Unix, and Linux.


    Farai resides in Harare, Zimbabwe, can be reached via e-mail

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    Archbell Maunganidze

    Head of User Experience and Products, Africa

    Archbell has over 10 years experience as a full stack web developer and UI/UX Designer, with over 8 years of proven end-to-end experience in delivering web and mobile products, services, and projects.

    Archbell is an excellent researcher and his thirst to not be 'left behind' has led him to understand and gain a working knowledge that includes: applied IoT, AI/ML, and data analytics and science.

    Under Archbell's leadership, the user experience - when students access content created on CurrikStudio, or when users access infotainment service - will be compelling and engaging. Archbell will also oversee and ensure that the creators of educational content and providers of information and news content, optimize their content to support the best user experience possible.


    Archbell resides in Harare, Zimbabwe, can be reached via e-mail