Remote and Small Town Locations: A small community that has existing mobile phone data services and satellite TV. Many people have phones but cannot afford data for streaming or large downloads.
    Internet Costs: Land-based Broadband Internet connectivity is limited and what can be made available is too expensive for families.
    Hunger for Popular Content: All humans, rich or poor, urban or rural enjoy entertainment equally. Movies, serials, live events, podcasts and anything trending online is sought after by “the masses”. If a full, online experience is out of reach, an approximation should be possible.



    A game changer for content owners to reach a new population of viewers.
         To deliver rich content to anyone, everywhere, the use of a satellite is the most price competitive and quickly deployable method. StreamSpots make entertainment and information content available to the 3 billion+ people living in the most remote parts of the world.
       Content owners can now easily manage and deliver their already digitized content to users living in remote areas that otherwise would not have access. The digitized content is synchronized using a content delivery software, with the edge media gateway servers, that are connected to the satellite or last mile wireless network.
        This innovative approach is what allows users to access delivered entertainment and information content, using their smart device and the Wi-Fi network that is created by the edge media gateway server, to stream the entertainment and information content as if they were connected to the Internet.


         StreamSpots are implemented at designated locations where people can go to interact with entertainment and information content. The edge media gateway hardware at the StreamSpots consist of satellite (or digital terrestrial) reception capabilities and various embedded web and streaming servers, all running on solid state disk drives (SSDD) of 1TB or 2TB in size.
         These SSDDs hold vast amounts of video, audio, and PDF files (magazines, newspaper, etc.) content that is managed by the content owner. A Content Management System (CMS) has been integrated with the solution and an existing CMS could be integrated from the onset or at a later phase as part of a project.
         To get started, people download an app onto their smart device (Android or iOS), and once they have completed the registration process (if applicable), they simply log-into the Entertainment and Information service when physically present or near a StreamSpots location. Once they are logged into the service at a StreamSpots location, the “online” over-the-top ("OTT") video streaming experience, even though they are not actually connected to the Internet itself, is no different than that of a fully connected experience.
         If time at a StreamSpots location is limited, the person can download the various entertainment and information programs available onto the memory of their smart device ("download and go") and go home to view offline.
         The statistics on what what programs have been watched, for how long, how many times, etc. are capture and sent to the CMS through the low bandwidth (128kbps) return data connection that can be via satellite, or some other wireless or fixed network that may be available.
         The StreamSpots solution can start with a few locations and quickly move to 1000's by simply installing more LearningSpots.
         COSatellite Solutions’ StreamSpots product provides streaming content service providers a readily deployable method of accessing the billions of people living in remote areas of the world, that have little or no Internet connection. Most importantly, we have made this reliable and complete technical solution incredibly affordable.
         How affordable? As low as $12* per Year 
    *StreamSpots Rate is for 100,000 subscribers connected across 100 locations within the same satellite coverage area under contract, with users utilizing their own smart device (phone, tablet, etc.). To obtain a quote for your project, click on the "TELL US ABOUT YOUR LEARNINGSPOTS PROJECT" button below.