Experts Supporting COSatellite Solution Projects, and, Passionate to Help Others

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    Richard Feliz

    StreamSpots Product Head, Business Development, Dominican Republic

    Richard has over 25 years of experience in the television, radio, and telecom sectors, and is recognized as an innovator in the area of radio and television network planning, implementation, and operations.


    Richard's experience includes the implementation of various TV, radio, and OTT services.


    Richard can be reached via e-mail

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    Jesus Reyes

    Business Development, Mexico



    Jesus brings 25+ years of management experience in technology and cloud matters in the telecomms industry in México and Central America.


    He has been involved in business development with sales, as well as managing products that involved integrating various technologies.


    Jesus can be reached via e-mail


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    Carlos Paba

    Business Development, South America


    Carlos has over 20+ years of experience in the television, radio, digital media and telecom arena .


    Carlos experience includes working with two of the largest radio and television groups in Colombia, as well as a leading OTT platform that included: devices, user engagement, and monetization.

    Carlos can be reached via e-mail